Today is one of those beautiful early autumn days in which the cloudless sky warms up the landscape and a fresh breeze keeps my cheeks red. I take a deep breath and smell the sweet, musty scent of rotting leaves under my feet. A yellowed leaf falls in front of me to the ground, making room for a green one blossoming in spring. How utterly amazing to witness such a beautiful moment.

My passion for photography has allowed me to slow down and notice many such precious yet fleeting displays. It made me realize that we have one chance to catch a glimpse of moments in life that will never happen quite the same way ever again.

This is true in our lives as well. We are made up of big and small moments that become woven into our inner being. Photography, like no other media, has the uncanny ability to capture the timeless beauty and evoke feelings that come alongside the particular events. We have a visual, a proof, of the fact that our children’s feet truly were that small and adorable; we feel the excitement, the about-to-burst elation, at the sight of being newly engaged way back when; it takes our breath away when we look at that moment in time when everything stopped as we dared to whisper with such tender love “I do”.

            I’m not just a photographer who provides you with generic images; I’m a storyteller. Allow me to tell your story because it matters; it’s priceless, perhaps a little quirky, fun, sometimes sad, yet uniquely yours. It’s worth remembering not just in your mind, but should be shared with the closest people in your life. I can do that for you and it would be my privilege.



           Photo courtesy of JSO Photography.